Food and Beverages

The dining options on board are as diverse as are the activities.

For those who prefer dining in a casual atmosphere there is the buffet restaurant on the Lido Deck with snack bars and international specialties such as the Mongolian Wok or the Deli.

But we have also main restaurants where you can dine à la carte. With Your Choice Dining, you can even choose your preferred meal time before departure. Dinner takes place at 6 pm and 8.15 pm. If you decide for "Your time dining", you can dine anytime between 5.45 pm and 9.30 pm.

The main restaurants are open in the morning hours as well. After you have selected your breakfast from the menu, the dishes will be served by the waiter. Reservations for breakfast are not required. It is up to you if you want to have breakfast à la carte or at the buffet restaurant.

In addition, our 24-hour pizzeria offers freshly prepared pizza slices round the clock. And if you get an appetite for a little snack at midnight, just call our room service and order some delicacies (for a fee).


Carnival Cruise Line also takes into consideration that some passengers pay attention to a healthy diet. In all our restaurants you can get gluten-free and/or lactose-free meals. Cholesterol-reduced and calorie-reduced meals and other healthy dishes can be identified by a ♥ at the menu.

We know that it is not easy to choose among these numerous options, but why don't you just try out all of them?


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